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Jill Sykes, owner




I have always incorporated color, style and design into my life since I can remember. I describe myself as uniquely both right and left brained – analytical and creative.  These qualities describe my approach to everyday life.


My career goal was to be a leader and manager using my business degree in an environment that allowed me to reveal my creative-side through design to influence consumers through their emotions.  I initially made that happen by working for a women’s wholesale apparel designer and manufacturer in product development for seven years.  I have always understood the difference between navy and midnight, purple and violet, apple red and tomato red, orange and pumpkin.  

My most important jobs to date have been a wife, mother to three and home manager.  Over the past 20+ years I have used my talent to decorate three of our homes, including one new construction project.  My passion for design and color goes beyond the inside. The exterior and landscaping is the first impression before the front door even opens.  I spend as much time as possible in the yard and garden.  To me the garden is an empty canvas filled with color, organization and design.  

I have always enjoyed decorating my own homes and have offered friends and family my advice for years now.  My friends Gretchen says, “I would never start a project without consulting with Jill first!” Those who know me best have been telling me I could make a living out of this.  In order to make this more official I have completed two staging classes, many color seminars with Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore and a course through the Association of Design Education (ADE). 

At this stage in my life the children are growing and only need me for, food, clothes and transportation.  My husband is supportive and knows that this is the direction my life has been pointing for decades.   I am here to help you stage your home for resale or redesign for living.  I know you will love what I can offer you and your home.  


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