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"Just a little to the left."

So the other day I couldn't take it anymore. The perennial I had planted two weeks ago just wasn't in the right spot. I marched across the backyard with my garden gloves, watering can and shovel ready to make it right. Yes, I moved that perennial 6" to the left and now I feel better. All is right with the world when I look out my back windows.

Wait. What does this have to do with Go Room By Room? A lot! I see a yard, garden, patio and shrubbery as just more rooms in a home. There are inside rooms and there are outside rooms. Outside. Inside. It's all the same to me.

Something just doesn't feel right. Many of my clients tell me that when I arrive at their homes, and honestly, I feel it right away, too. My mind starts processing the space, the furniture, the flow, the colors, my eyes start moving quickly and I become quiet for a moment - and then voilá! I can see how to fix it and make it feel right. It's all too far apart, move it closer, turn that chair, move that table and floor lamp. Just move it a little to the left. Maybe it's a plant in the garden. All the same to me. That is what I call redesign for living. Same concept applies for staging for real estate.

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