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Opposites Attract

Blue and Orange. Red and Green. Purple and Yellow. These combinations are known in the color theory world as complementary colors. Also known as opposites since they fall opposite each other on the color wheel. Using them together heightens the brightness of both colors. Using complementary colors is more common than you might think once you start noticing them. Nature is full of them and they are common practice in famous works of art, graphic design and business logos. In art and nature these colors work together. The same goes for interior design. No way, you say! Yes way, I say! Start looking around you - athletic shoes, pottery, fabric prints, quilts, nature, your garden, fine a

Broom Clean Condition

When you sell a house the standard P&S (Purchase & Sale Agreement) says that the "seller will remove all contents from the premises and be free of all occupants and tenants and of all personal property, except property included in the sale or tenants permitted to remain. At the time for performance the Premises also shall … be broom clean and in the same condition as the Premises now are.....” There is no legal definition of “broom clean" or "broom swept” condition, but the general understanding it that the seller will: 1. Remove all personal property not included in the sale, debris and trash prior to the closing 2. Vacuum the carpets and sweep the floor How in the world do you get rid of

You've Got Mail

Snail mail, that is. Despite our addiction to email we are still required to have a good ole USPS mailbox. Checking the mail on a daily basis used to be a highlight of the day. Dare I say, exciting? Maybe your Scott Baio fan club packet, your college acceptance letter or the prize you finally got from mailing in enough proof of purchases from boxes of Frosted Flakes? These days it seems to be junk, junk and more junk. Occasionally you get a hand written thank you note or your birthday card arrives with a crisp $20 bill from Great Aunt Ethel. Take a look at your mailbox the next time you check the daily mail. Good chance it is rusty, the red flag has broken off, the door doesn't stay c

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