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Ready for Red

As many of us get ready to start decorating our homes for the holiday season, I encourage you to think of the traditional holiday red in an out-of-the-box way. The Benjamin Moore color of the year for 2018 is AF-290 Caliente Red. If you look at it closely it is definitely red, but it is not "Hello I'm a red velvet bow off the store shelf"red. My thought for this week is to carefully select your holiday color theme to make sure it goes with what you already have going on in your home. No clashing. You still want your rooms to feel right even during the holidays. That goes for any holiday. The most important part of your holiday décor is that accent color, or pop. Browse the reds. Go to

Please Don't Hang Up

There is no polite way to say this. People hang their artwork too high, and I'm not sure why. It is rare that I go into a house where the pictures are hung properly and when I do find that diamond in the rough I start beaming and smothering the homeowner with praise and thanks. Here are 10 artwork hanging rules to follow: 1. Typically the center of the artwork should be about 60" from the floor. The average eye-level. 2. The art should fill the space proportionately. Most people have artwork that is too small for the wall. 3. Art should be 6-8" above the back of your couch or bed headboard and span 2/3 of the overall length. 4. Vertical or horizontal matters depending on the space you n

Over Booked, Part 2

I have received many "likes" from last week's blog, Over Booked. I promised at the end of that post to talk more about display shelf decor, so here it is. The first thing I tell people is to remove all paperbacks and at least two-thirds of what they have on their shelves now. "Keepers" are typically hardcover books in a series or with "pretty" covers or spines. Travel books usually have a great cover. Many hardcover books look better with the paper cover removed. The actual book binding itself is usually blue, gray, black or red with the title imprinted on the spine. Other books look best with the pages side facing out with edges that are gold-leafed or rough cut. Once you have identifi

Over Booked

Books, books and more books. Isn't that what shelves are made for? Nope. Shelves are a way to display things in an thoughtful decorative way. I think the word bookshelf is a misnomer in the design realm. I prefer to call them display shelves. I am not an expert in the psychology of why people feel such an attachment to their books, but I can relate that a collection of books is like a time capsule of your life: childhood, school reading assignments, textbooks, travel, how to do this, how to do that, travel, cookbooks, great moments in sports, historical events, beach reads, book club. When you are getting ready to move you need to declutter and sort through all those books. No time like th

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