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Go For Gold

I am just in awe at the recent USA gold medals won at the 2018 Winter Olympics this week. The US men and women are dominating the snowboard competitions and Mikaela Shiffrin has one skiing gold in her pocket so far. Basically the women are sick, and that is not in reference to their health! The other gold I am referring to does not require any physical strength or endurance, and you will not break a sweat. I'm talking about the trending popularity of gold as a décor accent. If you watch HGTV or flip through any magazines you are seeing gold hit the mainstream market. Most likely it is called polished, brushed or champagne brass. This is not the shiny brass from the 80's. If you think

Our House Or Yours?

I remember a bonus question on a quiz in Mr. D. O'Neil's 5th grade social studies class. The D is important because there was also Mr. M. O'Neil. No relation. The question was, "Where do you live?" I guess you could say that was a foreshadowing moment for me. Most kids answered "a house," but I answered "a home." I remember Mr. D. O'Neil pointing out to the entire class that I gave him the answer he was looking for. I remember how proud I felt that day. Fifth grade was a great year all around. In Mrs. Dansky's homeroom class I also won a timed word search to find all 50 states without a word list. Yay me! As defined by, a house is a building in which people live; res

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