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Definition of UNDERFOOT (as defined by : under the foot especially against the ground - trampled the flowers underfoot : below, at, or before one's feet - warm sand underfoot : in the way - children always getting underfoot Okay. The third one has left me laughing all morning. I could easily go down that road, but today's blog will focus on 2 : below, at, or before one's feet. More specifically, an area rug underfoot. Side note...I was given this magnet by a good friend and it makes me chuckle every time I read it. Going back to my blog post "Walking the Red Carpet," I nominated the area rug in the category of Actor in a Leading Role. Most room designs start with the

The Point of No Returns

My family would say I am an efficiency expert and I am not convinced that is a compliment. When I shop my goal is to buy with confidence and minimize returns, especially if the store is not on my regular errand route. Here's the scenario.... You go to Staples to pick up some printer ink. Bed, Bath & Beyond is right next door and you remember you melted your spatula on the cooktop the other day. It will be a quick in and out. It is so quick that you decide to take a lap around the store on your way to the register. You see the perfect large canvas art for your mantle. Maybe. Is it too small? Not sure it's the right green. You'll think about it. Next you see some throw pillows for the

Walking the Red Carpet

It's Oscar week! Watch the who's who of Hollywood walk the red carpet. Best dressed. Worst dressed. The hair. The jewels. Will Jimmy Kimmel's jokes make us laugh? And for sure no selfies or texting by the PwC envelope organizers this year. In my world of staging and redesign for real estate and living the nominees would look something like this... BEST PICTURE living room dining room bedroom kitchen bathroom ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE area rug large furniture pieces upholstery/bedding window treatments color palette ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE accent tables lighting accessories throw pillows wall art DIRECTING go room by room PRODUCTION DESIGN go room by room EDITING go room by room VISUAL

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