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A Slave to Stainless Steel

I am constantly wiping finger-prints and drips off of my stainless steel appliances. I know they are the in fashion, but they are a real PIA. Don't even start with the dents. The one on the bottom of the oven was from a skateboard given as a birthday gift. Dent happened on the same day as the birthday. No skateboards in the house! The refrigerator door blemish remains a mystery. The dent does not line up with any drawer or cabinet. Someone will confess, someday. Our first stainless steel french door refrigerator only lasted nine years. Three years shy of the average life expectancy according to Wikipedia. What the heck. We also replaced the dishwasher at the same time. At least we

Letting Go

Letting go can be hard. Including that two of my kids are back at college and the youngest, who is in HS, is never home and when he is he does not want to sit with me to catch-up on my day or watch the shows I have on the DVR. A new year is symbolized by an "out with the old and in with the new" attitude. Lots of cleaning out of things: closets, drawers, bins, garage, basement. Someday I'll need it. Someday I'll wear it again. It might come back in style. We all know that never happens. They say the 80's fashions are coming back. But, why? I must confess. I am not a keeper of things, and to a fault. I occasionally wish I hadn't thrown it away, but I get over it. Oh, and I am orga

AC/DC, Done Dirt Cheap

Oh, yes! Belt it out! Bang your head! "Dirty deeds, and they're done dirt cheap." Ahem...what I really mean is AC/DC, your electrical power source, a.k.a. your light switches and outlets. You can tell a lot about a home's age by looking at its light switches and outlets. Are yours from this century? Mmmm-maybe. Probably not. Here are a few give-aways that they have been neglected: Brown, black or shiny (not shiny any more) brass White/ivory but years of use have turned them permanently dirty Covered with wallpaper to match Wooden plates that have been painted to match the walls Yellowed "clear" plastic or mirrored plates Cracked plates Missing plates, and this is dangerous, btw Mismat

Exit Strategy

Are you thinking of downsizing in the next 3-5 years? If you are, it is not too soon to come up with your exit strategy, and the old "Irish exit" does not count. What's that? Find out in the Urban Dictionary here. Please don't wait until the real estate sign is about to go up on your front lawn. I feel terrible at staging consults when the client is rushed to make updates that they could have done over a few years time and had the pleasure of enjoying themselves before they were racing to get these things done in time for photos to be taken. Your real estate agent will appreciate it, too. Your house will show better and sell faster. My top 10 things to implement your Exit Strategy: 1.

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