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Feelin' Groovy

What is your mood? Let your groovy old mood ring tell you. Another throwback song reference to set the mood for this post. I guess I am feeling nostalgic and embracing my age. 50's are nifty! In the design world a mood board is the buzz word and modus operandi to visually convey what the design concept is for your space. A redesign consult by Go Room By Room will change your mood about that room that just isn't doin' it for you anymore, or maybe it never did. Tired of the mish-mash of furniture you have accumulated or inherited over the years? It is time to set the mood and make the space feel like the new you! Today's connectivity options means redesign consults can be done remotely

I'll Be There For You

Cue Friends theme music. Need help with your remodeling project? I'll be there for you to work with your contractor to assure a smooth project from start to finish. This client is a repeat color consultation customer who hired me to help them pick out finishes for a master bath and main bath renovation that was to happen while they were in Florida for the winter months. Everything from a design perspective was decided before they left but they did feel uneasy being away during construction so they entrusted me to oversee their project while they were away. Stay tuned for final photos!

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