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The 10 Things Your Kids Don't Want!

This post was inspired directly by an excerpt in Forbes Magazine, May 2018 "Your Top 10 Objects Your Kids Don't Want" by Elizabeth Stewart, that my neighbor sent me in May 2020 as she was getting ready to down-size and sell their house. She knew that we were soon-to-be empty nesters and selling our home of 16 years was in our sights. Remember that in May 2020 we were deep into COVID-19 shut-downs and cleaning our stuff was considered something to do.

We all have the pile in the basement or a china cabinet and/or curio filled with things we think the kids or a relative might want. You haven't used them in decades, if ever! They are collecting

dust but you haven't been able to part with them because they were lovingly passed down to you from a previous generation. Someone in the family's younger generation will certainly appreciate them and want to be their next steward, right? Wrong! Well, if they don't want them then they are worth something and someone will buy them, right? Wrong again!

Think of this as David Letterman's Top 10 Things Your Kid's Don't Want

#10. Old Books

#9. Paper Ephemera (old letters, photographs, greeting cards and postcards)

#8. Steamer Trunks, Sewing Machines and Film Projectors

#7. Porcelain Figurines (collectibles)

#6. Silver-Plated Objects

#5. Brown Furniture, aka Antiques

#4. Persian or Oriental Rugs

#3. Linens

#2. Sterling Silver Flatware & Crystal Wine Service

#1. Fine Porcelain Dinnerware, aka Your China

Click on this link to read the full article to help you "part" with these things (code word for dumpster), lower your expectations as to their "value" (code word for free) and for goodness sake, don't keep them and pay to put them in storage!

Oh, and by the way, professional staging works! You will sell your house faster and for more money. Contact Jill at Go Room By Room.


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