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Mellow Yellow

I have to be truthful here. There aren't many yellows I can recommend for paint. Although yellow can act as a neutral, most yellows I come across are way too vivid or have a green undertone. I travel to color consultations with lots of clear ziplock packets sorted by color and most of them are stuffed with paint chips, except for yellow. However, the yellows I do like I am very confident with when used in the proper space.

Here are my yellows, in no particular order.

HC-5 Weston Flax

Benjamin Moore AF-5, Weston Flax ( my #1)

golden straw 2152-50

Benjamin Moore 2152-50, Golden Straw

AF-335 Safari

Benjamin Moore AF-335, Safari

Benjamin Moore HC-4, Hawthorne Yellow

Benjamin Moore 199, Barley

I see yellow a lot, especially in kitchens with golden oak cabinetry. Homeowners think that if the cabinets are golden then the walls should match. Time to paint! May I suggest Benjamin Moore 2143-40, Camouflage or 2142-50, Gray Mirage.

The other thing to keep in mind is if you have tan wall-to-wall carpeting, yellow is probably not the best choice for your walls. Bottom line, yellow is not my go-to. Sorry all yellow lovers.

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