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Off the Wall

No, it's not how your kids act after eating too much Halloween candy. It's your furniture. Is everything up against the walls?

I come across this scenario often, in both real estate staging and home redesign. In both cases I ask if the homeowner if they have ever tried rearranging the furniture. I know the answer, but it acts as a conversation starter. The homeowner almost always says, "We've tried the furniture a million different ways, but it's a tough space." For staging, the goal is to make the living space understandable for potential buyers. If it feels awkward to you it will when a home buyer walks in, too, and so much of buying a house is based on emotions. The same goes for day to day living in your home. You're not moving. You just want to plop down in your comfy room and feel comfy, both physically and emotionally.

What's a likely solution? Get off the walls. Bring it in. Get closer.

This is the same room. Same furniture. First floor plan is how the rooms was when I arrived. The second is how it was when I left. Bottom line. A very satisfied customer who now LOVES her room.

It's called floating the furniture and that means the seating area doesn't touch any walls. It works and it works in all size spaces. For large rooms you can create more than one seating area making the room more intimate. In smaller spaces floating can make the space feel bigger by creating walk through "hallway-like" pathways. Think cozy conversations anchored around the outside view, TV or fireplace.

Change is hard, I know. I say try it for two weeks. Throw caution to the wind. If it still doesn't work for you, put it all back where is was before. We are creatures of habit, but old habits can be broken.

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