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Over Booked, Part 2

I have received many "likes" from last week's blog, Over Booked. I promised at the end of that post to talk more about display shelf decor, so here it is.

The first thing I tell people is to remove all paperbacks and at least two-thirds of what they have on their shelves now. "Keepers" are typically hardcover books in a series or with "pretty" covers or spines. Travel books usually have a great cover. Many hardcover books look better with the paper cover removed. The actual book binding itself is usually blue, gray, black or red with the title imprinted on the spine. Other books look best with the pages side facing out with edges that are gold-leafed or rough cut.

Once you have identified the "keepers", sort them by size, color or topic. Stand some up, lay some down, and stack some. Add artwork, figurines, textured things from nature, unexpected bookends and pretty boxes. Each shelf needs to be balanced. Go back and read my blog post It's Odd on October 11, 2017.

Here are a few of examples of homes where I have worked specifically on the shelving.

This one is an old historic home that was basically empty with the exception of some major furniture pieces. The shelves were bare when I arrived. Real estate photos were booked for early the next week so I had to work quickly. I try my darnedest to use things that the homeowner already has. I walked around the house and found things on tables, in cabinets and in the attic. This house was full of historic books and maps that were staying with the home. Jackpot!

Photos taken by Frank Byrne

Here is a redesign dining room project from a few years ago. The homeowners love to read! There were more books on more shelves not shown here. They got an A+ on their book purging assignment. We did buy several things to decorate the shelves with since they did not have much to use from their personal stash.

Here are some images that are not mine, but I often use them as examples with clients.

I hope last week's Over Booked post combined with this one inspires you and jump start your projects. If you are stuck, give me a shout and I can help.


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