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Go For Gold

I am just in awe at the recent USA gold medals won at the 2018 Winter Olympics this week. The US men and women are dominating the snowboard competitions and Mikaela Shiffrin has one skiing gold in her pocket so far. Basically the women are sick, and that is not in reference to their health!

The other gold I am referring to does not require any physical strength or endurance, and you will not break a sweat. I'm talking about the trending popularity of gold as a décor accent. If you watch HGTV or flip through any magazines you are seeing gold hit the mainstream market. Most likely it is called polished, brushed or champagne brass. This is not the shiny brass from the 80's. If you think your shiny brass chandelier or bathroom fixtures and gold trimmed glass shower enclosure are back in style, think again. The dulled gold finish is paired with updated styling. Lots of mid-century modern out there and I am personally starting to like it. How I wish we had kept more of the authentic Danish mid-century modern stuff from my husband's grandmother's house. She was all about it back in the 50's, the actual mid-century. I never would have guessed in 2000 when her house was getting emptied that the stuff in there would be in Target in 2018! That is a topic for another day.

When I first started seeing gold several years back I honestly

was thinking "yuck, why go back there" and hoping it would not make it past the high-end decorating world, but like many runway fashion trends, they usually do make their way into the mainstream retail in some watered-down form. I have come to like the new gold in small doses. I spray painted my dining room buffet lamps and changed by sideboard hardware to polished brass. In the adjoining sitting room a lamp, accents and art frames are gold. If you want to dabble I suggest to start with something affordable and easy to change switch out. If you are feeling the love consider the gold look when it is time to update your ceiling fixtures, faucets and cabinet pulls.

Go for gold! And as my dad says when he buys his quick-pick lottery ticket with his bottle and can returns, "You can't win if you don't play!"

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