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Broom Clean Condition

When you sell a house the standard P&S (Purchase & Sale Agreement) says that the "seller will remove all contents from the premises and be free of all occupants and tenants and of all personal property, except property included in the sale or tenants permitted to remain. At the time for performance the Premises also shall … be broom clean and in the same condition as the Premises now are.....”

There is no legal definition of “broom clean" or "broom swept” condition, but the general understanding it that the seller will:

1. Remove all personal property not included in the sale, debris and trash prior to the closing 2. Vacuum the carpets and sweep the floor

How in the world do you get rid of all of the stuff out of your house to leave it broom clean? Sounds overwhelming, and it is! Add in the emotions and stress of moving and you have a proven recipe for stress and panic. There are people/companies who make a living cleaning out your home and leaving it in broom swept condition. They actually enjoy the challenge of donating, selling and discarding your unsellables. Watching the pros make the most out of dumpster space is honestly fascinating. They really know how to get out their frustrations on your unwanted stuff. #DemoDay

This is especially taxing when the now grown children are faced with selling the family home and sorting through decades of things that have sentimental value and monetary value. How do you know what is worth selling or keeping? Call in the experts!

EBTH (Everything But The House),, national company

They will literally do it all with white glove service. They created this business with the simple notion of providing a transparent and seamless solution for families and individuals looking to sell their collections. Eight years later, we are still committed to our vision of a revolutionary platform for one-of-a-kind discoveries, powered by the same unparalleled service and our innovative technology.

Home Sweet Home Discard & Donate Program

The main benefit of the Discard and Donate program is to have a certified professional organizer assist in preparing for the move. Part consultant, part coordinator and part hard worker, our organizers provide customized assistance.

Clean Out Your House -, Waltham, MA

Take everything from any part of your home - furniture, clothes, rubbish, hazardous waste, old bikes, or anything other “clutter” in your home.

Recycle to charitable organizations, who need all the household items they can get. The main program is Household Goods. Clients are thrilled to see their items being used to help others.

Out of the Box Moves -, Belmont, MA

Specialize in senior moves - preparation for move, sorting, donating, estate sale, packing and settling in new home. They use Clean Out Your House as a service provider.

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