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On A Shoestring Budget

You don't have to have a big budget to make big improvements. Go Room By Room (GoRxR) operates on the assumption that you don't have unlimited funds. This is true for both staging to sell and redesign for living. GoRxR's clients are spilt down the middle - 50% work with us for staging to get their home ready to sell quickly and for top dollar, and 50% work with us to redesign one or more areas of their home that just don't work for them anymore, or maybe never did. In eight + years in business it is said with 100% confidence that 100% of our clients are on a budget, and we respect that.

If you are getting ready to sell you have probably already spent more money than you planned on home repairs just to get you to the start line. You haven't even made a dent in de-cluttering, de-personalizing and pre-packing yet and the and your target listing date is looming like a storm cloud. Here are a few examples of how GoRxR can help you stage your home on a budget and the primary goal is to use what you already own. You may end up buying a few new things like throw pillows, lamp shades, curtain panels or bedding, but honestly, you probably wanted those things anyway and you can use them at your new digs.

Here are some examples of staging after a Go Room By Room staging consultation and a shoestring budget:

This client had already hired a painter for walls and trim.  Everything else was simply moving around what she already had in the house.

1. This client had already hired a painter and bought the paint for walls and trim. The curtain panels were already purchased on clearance and still in the packaging. GoRxR came in knowing that they had already spent their hard earned money on painting and kitchen and bath updates. Our job was to define the use of space for the online photos. The client bought nothing new to stage the main living room.

Empty shelves filled without buying a thing

2. This client had a house that was not empty, but down to the basics because they had already moved into a new place. The house felt empty. These empty wall-to-wall custom built-ins were filled with things that we found in the kitchen cabinets, attic storage, inside these cabinet and took off the walls in other rooms. The large area rug was on loan from a friend. Cost to homeowner was $0.

3. Like in the first set of photos, this homeowner had everything they needed to define the space in this very large living room. Well, almost everything. They bought four sets of simple drapery panels and rods. The Foosball table and corner curio cabinet were removed. The hutch went to the middle of the blank wall and the pair of artwork was flanked on both side to fill the empty space. The space to the right of the fireplace is defined by the piano and the space to the left of the fireplace is defined as seating. Cost to homeowner was about $400.

The same philosophy and function goes for redesign for living, but that is for another day.

Visit to learn more about how we can help you stage, redesign and update color for real estate and living.

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