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Pillow Talk

No, not that! This is a G-rated post about pillows for your sofa.

I have to admit when I am designing for both staging and living I tend to get hung-up on the throw pillows for a sofa. They really are the icing on the cake and also shows that you have thought about the entire look. Shape, color, pattern, style and size all factor into the decision making. Throw pillows are also the easiest way to make an update or change the color scheme in a room, any room. Here are some basic rules to follow when buying pillows for your sofa:

1. Think odd numbers. One on each end of your sofa is not enough. For a traditional sofa the minimum number would be 3, ideally 5. A sectional minimum would be 5, ideally 7. Think odd numbers. Reference my "It's Odd" post.

2. Layers. Use more than one size, color, texture and pattern. Don't forget to add a different shape to your mix like lumbar or round.

3. Size matters. The most common size is 18" square. When layering consider 20-22" square behind a 18" square.

4. Mix it up. Use patterns, textures and colors that go with your room's style and existing fabric, area rug, and artwork. I select the pillows last when designing.

5. Know your colors. Relate to what already exists in your room. This is an opportunity to add a color pop or go out of your comfort zone.

6. Read the fine print. If you are shopping online read the description carefully. Is the fill foam, poly-bland or down? Size options? Is this a pillow cover only? If it is, you will have to order an insert. No biggie.

7. Buy more! More than you think you will need. Best to have choices for combinations. Return what you don't end up using.

Need help? Contact Go Room By Room for a consult, even if it is just for pillow talk. Don't live in the Boston metrowest area? No problem! We can do this remotely. It's easy, and painless.


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