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Undress Your Windows

When consulting for a home staging I recommend removing window treatments that are not necessary for privacy. This includes panels, valances, and broken or faded shades and blinds. Sellers are usually shocked at this request. Folks are very attached to their curtains. It's a curious thing. When I go into my "this is why" spiel it usually comes out that those window treatments have been hangin' around a long time. It's time to let them go.

Window styles do come and go. Think of the 80's and 90's when it was pattern on top of pattern that matched the wallpaper and pillows. Layers upon layers: sheers flanked by side panels, a balloon valance stuffed with plastic shopping bags and a scalloped swag peeking out under the valance. Ruffles and fringe and swags. Oh no!

Today's buyer wants simply styled blinds, roman shades or drapery panels in neutral tonal colors. Not necessary to go custom. There are so many great options found in stores. Maybe something with a simple graphic pattern. Grommet top hanging style. Or just nothing at all. Read my blog post "How Do Your Curtains Hang?" for hanging tips and top style definitions.

"Those drapes were custom made to specifically match my bedding or upholstery."

Your furniture and bedding are not staying with the house and they are stylized for your personal taste. The idea around staging is to make space for a new buyer to move in and de-personalize. This is part of that process. Pack them up and take them with you.

"Really? The windows will look so bare!"

Let in the light! Open up the view! Light and bright helps sell homes. Clear sight lines to show off the yard and surroundings is a good thing.

"What about the rods that are left hanging?"

You can leave them there or remove them, patch the holes and touch up with paint. Whatever rods are shown when the house goes on the market should stay unless otherwise negotiated.

"We need something for privacy in the bedrooms and bathrooms."

Yes, I agree and the easiest thing is to install off-the-shelf cordless cellular shades in white or linen. An inside mount is best. These will not break the bank, keep things neutral and fit in with the current trend.

Here are some of my favorite window treatments for staging at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Don't forget to use your 20% coupons!

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