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Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets

I am a big fan of the ABC sitcom, Modern Family. If you are too you will know what the blog title means ;)

Nothing says spring cleaning like purging your closets. All your closets: clothes, linen, foyer, pantry, office, laundry, basement storage. There is a a flood of emotion when we open closets. An overstuffed closet triggers stress and limits growth, while a spacious closet is welcoming and means there's room to grow. Once you purge and find the space, organization is the next step. Organization creates a calm zen, pride in ownership, a smile and feeling of accomplishment. This green and white photo is from Smart Ways to Declutter and Stress Less! Below is an example of using vertical space in this entry closet by

Vertical use of space @ Six Simple Steps to the Perfect Entryway

Go Room By Room is not an organizing business. We leave that to the experts, but during a home staging consultation closets are always a hot topic. Overflowing closets that are big reason why they are moving. A reminder that this house isn't big enough for us. On the buying side it is a flashing red alarm that this house isn't big enough for us. Whether you are staying or going, here are some Go Room By Room tips for purging and organizing your closets:

1. Ask yourself, donate, keep or trash? Ultimately, do you want to pay someone to move this for you?

2. Rethink what goes in what closet. Is that the best place for the holiday wrapping supplies? Did you just throw things in there the day you moved in years ago?

3. Use the vertical space. One hanging rod is rarely the best use of space.

4. Analyze what is the best design? Double rods? Shelves? Drawers? Some combo?

6. Remove all of the hangers that are empty.

7. Buy all of the same hangers if you really want to treat yourself!

8. Get rid of the boxes that things are in. They take up extra space.

9. You will spend some money on the organization part, but it does not have to be expensive.

10. Measure your shelf's height, width & depth before you shop for organizing stuff. Keep the stats in your phone so you know what you are looking for. Minimize returns and multiple trips.

11. Pick a color theme. This is a finishing touch that makes you smile when you are done.


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